Friday, January 13, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a New Year, 2012!!

Glitter nails for the festivities. (I feel like such a girl! I haven't done this since I was nine. Lol.)
Happy 2012!!

This is my first post for the new year. O_o. Wow, there's so much to be expected for this year and I can't wait for what it has to offer, the good and the bad. chronicles:
I tried the famous "Scarf Method" for the first time today. I really wanted to roller-set my hair for the first week of classes, but to no avail. My schedule was too tight and stomachs were growling, so I had to replenish the house with nourishment.

I can say (to no surprise), it works.
Ignore the impression the scarf made.
Look at those roots! Laying down and flat like I just got a relaxer yesterday. I will use that method until it no longer works.

Recently, I've had an itch to get a sew-in weave, a color, a tattoo on my back, and a tongue ring (today)! I have no idea why I wanted to all of these things and I probably won't do any in the near future. But, I know, it's just being young and reckless while I still am young.

During winter break,
I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time and it HURTS! By the end, I was flinching and grinding my teeth. I couldn't take the sound of the thread and the pulling any more but it looked amazing.

How you like them apples? Those things are arched!
So, I think threading is a superior method of choice for shaping brows because it gives more freedom to shape all-around the brow as opposed to a one-shot with a wax.

I had a cute bun for New Year's Eve!
Inspired by the Tyra Banks in the opening theme of ANTM
Ooh! I have to show you guys my new add to my product collection.
Every time I saw it in the store, I thought "what a way to waste $5 on a product that does the same thing that some grease can do". I really did. I bought it over the break when I had some extra cash and I was surprised at how much it works! My baby hair slicks down and stays down. I like it because it 1) finishes off my look and 2) makes it seem as though I've put time and effort in to my appearance. Two thumbs up!

That is all I will slam you with. Let's enjoy 2012 and look good doing it, too!