Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monthly protein treatment

Everytime I get fed up with my hair (stringy, breaks easy, unmanageable), it always means I am in need of a protein treatment.

This is my hair before. [Sporting 2-3 different textures at the moment. :-) ] 

Application: I apply the hair mayo like I would a relaxer with a an applicator brush.

I dampen my hair a little with water mixed with oil so the conditioner clings to my hair better.

I left it on for 3 hours (got lost in a little t.v.) and rinsed it out and followed up with Aphogee moisturizing shampoo (not a protein shampoo).

My hair texture before and after:
Before: stringy, thin, breaking a little. You can even see some flyaways.

After the wash, much more smoother and stronger.

My roots are better too. I am currently airdrying.

This was my total breakage:

(Not bad at all. No hair in the shower.)

Products used:
ORS Hair Mayo

Never fails, never fails... It is a very good product and a good fix-me-up.

6-month Bunning Challenge (End)

It is approaching June and this will mark 6 months into my hair journey. It will also end my 6 month bunninng challenge.

My hair did grow, I am grazing APL. So the consistent bunning does work. BUT, my ends are thin and I feel that it is attributed to my use of a bun sock.

There is length but I lost thickness. (Win and lose I suppose)

**You see the thin ends? I am not pleased. (The last thick black line that you see is APL.)
These next six months, I will be doing braid-outs! This should regain my hair's thickness. I am also attempting to transition for the summer so I will not be relaxing until August. (**rolling eyes* I'll see how that goes. lol)

Friday, May 6, 2011

My problem area - The Nape

It has actually shown progress b/c it used to be bad. Hair goal for the nape? full SL

Made a HHJ length check t-shirt

I got 4/$10 tees at a Walgreens in downtown Baltimore to work out in temporarily during a business trip and I figured I could use one of them to make a length check t-shirt.

It outlines my major hair goals:
1) full SL - probably already there. I will check in the morning.
2) full APL - 3-6 months? My hair growth changes with the seasons and I'm in different locations.
3) BSL - a year? *shrug*