Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Possible Summer Hairstyles

I'm quite bored with my hair. It's getting longer which is great, but I want a short-do for the summer. I may do a sew-in of a light brown weave cut into a short bob or in defined curls. Keri Hilson is my go-to for inspiration this summer!

Ignore my obsession with the blonde. It just signifies how dramatic a color change will feel like to me. I dyed my hair in 2010:
It was a bright honey-suckle color. I loved it a lot but it damaged my hair and I vowed never to do it again. Lol. But I can get my color fix with a weave. :-)

Preview of the Fall:
Aaliyah! I don't think I've ever done a post on Aaliyah but I would love to rock my length. My hair isn't this long but I would want to re-create the body of her hair in this picture come Fall.

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